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  1. tedyun's Opus i9 Build: Gigabyte Gaming X Z390 - i9-9900K - Radeon RX Vega 56 Components Gigabyte Gaming X Z390 Motherboard [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] View the full article
  2. PLAYORDIE DARK THEME Initial release View the full article
  3. Copy what you really want. Not your theme color. Nor its font size and style. Because Brilliant Clipboard makes the clipboard on your website work the way you expect it to work. Instead of copying how the content looks like on your device and theme, it copies the content with its actual formatting. So you can forget about pasting your content as "plain text" and reformatting it. Just copy and paste things. It's finally that easy. Everything you copy just looks well. Everywhere. Say you made a draft of your important announceme
  4. ** Guide to Using HackinDROM Application to Update OpenCore ** Please do not quote this guide in its entirety...[Hidden Content] View the full article
  5. This plugin adds the Wishlist feature to the Commerce app and has the following features: Add and remove the Wishlist items as Ajax Use the default color Change the color of the Add to Wishlist button Change the color of the Remove from Wishlist button Enable / Disable the Wishlist Icon Enable / Disable the Wishlist Text Save wishlist items for members and guests Move the guest user wishlist to the corresponding table after login DEMO View the full article
  6. Today Apple released macOS 11.3.1 Update, a major software update to macOS Big Sur. Update any supported system using the built-in Software Update functionality through the macOS System Preferences pane.[Hidden Content] View the full article
  7. yea after send ur Transaction ID u can get ur private pass
  8. Legend Styler - Topic Listing, is a powerful plugin that can be use to give a lot of style and customization in Forums Topic/Question listing pages. there are many options with many variable in this plugin, so admin can use them in combination to give Topic/Question listing pages a unique look. parts by parts of these listings can be modify so with every combination of settings, there will be new style for Topic/Question listing pages. Features: Dozens of variables and settings so admin can modify each part of lists in Topic/Question listing pages. Add special indicator for Pi
  9. Application which will allow you to require that a user acknowledges a 'My comment is kind' field to allow them to submit a comment on the following: Forum topics Pages records Calendar events Member profiles (example: Status updates) Messenger messages A listing section exists to allow you to define who (either a user or a group) and where the field will be seen, and a setting to allow you some control over the positioning of the field itself. Important: Currently, the settings below control the presence of the field on the comment form only, as thi
  10. Steroid eMac: GA-Z97X-UD3H | i7 4790 | GTX 970 Mini ITX Overclocked [Hidden Content] Components Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H Motherboard [Hidden Content] View the full article
  11. Legend Styler - Posts, is a plugin that can be use to give a lot of styles and parts rearrangements to Posts section in Forums topics/questions. with dozens of variable and settings, admin can modify and rearrange almost every part in posts area, in verities of ways to give a unique look, style and color to posts. in general, there are two different ways of display user info panel in this plugin (Vertical or Horizontal) and each one have sets of their own settings and variables. Demo (this demo uses Horizontal UIP settings) Require IPS 4.5 (Forums app) Plugin works with
  12. Today Apple released macOS 11.3 Update, a major software update to macOS Big Sur. Update any supported system using the built-in Software Update functionality through the macOS System Preferences pane.[Hidden Content] View the full article
  13. Admin


    Hello welcome to our forum
  14. Just got the card in the mail this morning. It is replacing a 5700 XT which was working fine on Big Sur, OpenCore 63...[Hidden Content] View the full article
  15. Ohchang's Build: Gigabyte Z590 Vision G + i7-10700K + AMD RX580 511201 Caution GIGABYTE Z590 Vision-G M/B(BIOS F2) CAN NOT BOOT with GIGABYTE RX580 MINING or GAMING...[Hidden Content] View the full article
  16. This plugin enables few features for site wide: Optional Dark and Light switch This differ from other solutions on the marketplace that you have option to pick ANY dark and light theme with full customizability User option stays with them, even when they switch device, and since the style is loaded directly from source, you don’t get weird overwrite or lag on every page refreshes Optional set message required when reporting If you only want this and running 4.4 or below just use this free plugin Optional use SVG / WebP logo Much smaller size and scale without losi
  17. Would you buy one of the new colors or stay with the classic look Silver ? 515726 515727 515723 515724 515725http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/tonymacx86rss/~4/6i4dsx5gV5o View the full article
  18. What does it do? This app will allow the admins to add fake members in the online list. When you add a fake member online, you can also add the number of minutes that you want that particular member to be online. A task will run every half hour to remove the expired fake sessions from the online list. This can be very useful for start up forums as well as for those forums where there is not much activity. It will make the forum look busy and it might attract new users and boost the activity. To keep things real, fake members will appear to read random topics, which they are allowed t
  19. Paylaşımdan kaldırılmıştır. Ücretsiz çevirimizi paylaşıyoruz saçma sapan hala şikayet ediyorsunuz. Çeviriyi kendimize saklama kararı aldık arkadaşlar. isteyen gidip ücretli şekilde alabilir.
  20. Apple has yet to reveal the date for its rumored April event. However, Siri may have just spoiled the companys plans. According to Apples voice assistant, Apples next event will take place one week from now on Tuesday, April 20...[Hidden Content] View the full article
  21. What does it do? This app will force members to make their first post in in a certain topic(s). You can select the topic that you want to set as must post for first time at the app 's settings page. There you can enter the error message as well as exclude a group and/or groups and members whose post count is more than a certain amount. View the full article
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