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  1. This app will add a new page to your forum listing all your members based on their joined date and sorted in a descend order. Permissions Only members with the appropriate permissions will be able to view the memberlist. Permissions can be set at the app 's settings page. Custom Sorting The memberlist can be searched and sorted by the following options: Group Joined Last Posted Last Visit Last Activity Content Count Reputation Points Profile Views Sidebar A sidebar containing 4 widget blocks can be shown as well. The
  2. Those of you doing serious custom work or jumping into other clients Pages installations to design, patch, change things in templates - especially heavily customized forms - probably want easy access to the database field id numbers. Here you go. View the full article
  3. This app allows you to suggest lists of related topics from user visits (all previously visited topics or the latest topic). The suggested list could be from forums, authors, and tags. You can also create more advanced lists using the AND & OR operators. Features : Multilanguage Suggest from forums, authors, tags AND & OR operator to better suggestions Use cookie for guests Import cookie after logging in [Enable | Disable] and more View the full article
  4. Today Apple released macOS 11.2.2 Update, a major software update to macOS Big Sur. Update any supported system using the built-in Software Update functionality through the macOS System Preferences pane.[Hidden Content] View the full article
  5. For 4.5 only, adds loading=lazy tags to user profile images, reactions, and reputation. As inspired by @Gabriel Torres and promised in 4.6. Your millage may vary. To be included natively in 4.6 in some future place and time, but here to speed up render in the here and now. View the full article
  6. So if u cant download our deb files u can read top of the forums. Donater or vip users only acces this forum. if you are only a member u cant acces this page. @Üye
  7. This app will will display a page containing a chart of new topics activity and display your most viewed topics, most replied topics, most liked topics, pinned topics, featured topics and solved topics. At the app 's settings page you can select the groups that you want to view the Top Topics page, exclude forums whose topics you do not want to show and set the display number of how many topics you want to show. View the full article
  8. Afuera's Gigabyte Z490m Gaming X Hackintosh (Video Editing FCPX and Adobe Suite Machine) Gigabyte DZ490m Gaming X - i9-10850K - AORUS Radeon RX 580 8GB 508388 Components: 508364 MB: Gigabyte Z490M Gaming X *Small, cheap, well bu...[Hidden Content] View the full article
  9. Admin


    we didnt use it and dont suggest to use for account security 🙂
  10. This app allows you to create collection from blogs. blog entry, blog comments and show in TabView and GridView using tons of customization options. .:DEMO:. Features : Create collection from : Blogs Blog entry feed Blog comments Widgets Add title Show title [Enable | Disable] Select multiple members collection Default theme [Enable | Disable] Show icon [Enable | Disable] Show cover [Enable | Disable] Cover height type [Auto | Fixed]
  11. 504686 Background I was looking on ebay for a vintage Apple case for my next build and found this fine specimen. A late 2009 Mac mini empty case in perfect condition, there seems to be an IO board and a cable for the front switch...[Hidden Content] View the full article
  12. Add category and website filters to topics and filter topics based on those values. With a pre-filled database of categories and automatic detection of website urls in topic posts. Features Setup database of categories that members can choose from when posting topics. Setup database of websites that are matched when a member posts a url to that website in their topics. Display and filter based on category and website values in topics. Settings to require categories and add forum table filters. And choose the type of display. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod develop
  13. This application allows you to import RSS feeds into Club Forums and it also allows you to define tags ( NO PREFIXES, ONLY TAGS!) ATTENTION, THIS IS ONLY AN admin feature, ONLY ADMINS will be able to create the club feeds in the ACP! View the full article
  14. This app allows you to create collection from members and show in TabView and GridView using tons of customization options. .: DEMO :. Features : Collection Add title Select Groups Minimum posts Minimum reputation Currently online Born on this day Born in this month Number to show Sort by name, post, joined, last activity, last visit, last post, age, reputation, random Sort direction Add cover image Add icon
  15. What does it mean fs 19?
  16. Set a custom primary member group during signup based on selected profile fields. Features: Set the member group that new members will be assigned to if a profile field is filled out. Set the member group that new members will be assigned to if a profile field field matches a selected value. Full registration form required for plugin to operate and only 1 primary group upgrade supported! Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. View the full article
  17. Allows your members to add topic thumbnails from topic attachments. Now also includes support for image uploads, image urls, external images and media thumbnails. Features: Allow members to upload or enter a url to a thumbnail when creating topics. If no thumbnail provides, auto mode supports grabbing thumbnails from either topic attachments, external images or media thumbnails (YouTube). Optional cropping support to allow members to crop the exact image they want. Set which forums will support topic thumbnails and which forums will require them.
  18. Send a personal message after purchases have been made in the Commerce application. Included quick tags and custom template for each product. Features: Send personal messages after new purchases. Individual templates for each product. Quick tags for purchase details. Requirements: Commerce Application Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. View the full article
  19. Format members usernames using their secondary groups. For example adding a dollar sign ($) in front of members username with a "Donors" secondary group. Features Support for a majority of username links throughout IP.Board. Custom "Who's Online" cached widget that supports secondary group formatting. Support for the search and activity stream areas. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. View the full article
  20. Give out member group upgrades based on the total spending in the Commerce upgrade. Give out different upgrades based on different spending ranges and modify either the primary or secondary groups. Features Setup multiple spending ranges you can give out member group upgrades on. Modify either the primary or secondary groups. Support for both add and removal of secondary group. Primary group exclusion for protected groups excluded from upgrades. Requirements: IPS Commerce app Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. View the fu
  21. We dont know which programs are you used before. But this product already working.
  22. Have download records mirrored in the background on another ftp server. Set a limit on the size or age of a file that will be mirrored and allow remote files to be downloaded through your server. Features Background task to mirror both existing and new file records. Set an optional size limit for mirrored files. Set an optional age limit for mirrored files. Allow ftp files to be downloaded through your server rather then redirecting to the ftp url. Supports single, multiple and file versions. Requires Downloads Application Keep up to da
  23. This resource will allow members to hide forums from Forums index and forum view (subforums). These forums will still be accessible with a direct url. Useful if you have a huge list of forums but want your members to choose which ones to view. Settings: Protected forums Groups allowed to use View the full article
  24. Allows members to track their quit day for various things like alcohol or smoking. Displayed when posting new replies, they can view the amount of money they saved and the number of days since their last quit date. Features: Automatically sets up the custom profile fields needed to track quit date, cost per day and cans/cigarettes per day. Displays conveniently when posting new replies so member can constantly track the days since their quit date and money saved. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. View the full article
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