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  4. This app will add a new page to your forum listing all your members based on their joined date and sorted in a descend order. Permissions Only members with the appropriate permissions will be able to view the memberlist. Permissions can be set at the app 's settings page. Custom Sorting The memberlist can be searched and sorted by the following options: Group Joined Last Posted Last Visit Last Activity Content Count Reputation Points Profile Views Sidebar A sidebar containing 4 widget blocks can be shown as well. The
  5. Those of you doing serious custom work or jumping into other clients Pages installations to design, patch, change things in templates - especially heavily customized forms - probably want easy access to the database field id numbers. Here you go. View the full article
  6. Wonderful! Nice job mate keep it up
  7. This app allows you to suggest lists of related topics from user visits (all previously visited topics or the latest topic). The suggested list could be from forums, authors, and tags. You can also create more advanced lists using the AND & OR operators. Features : Multilanguage Suggest from forums, authors, tags AND & OR operator to better suggestions Use cookie for guests Import cookie after logging in [Enable | Disable] and more View the full article
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  9. Today Apple released macOS 11.2.2 Update, a major software update to macOS Big Sur. Update any supported system using the built-in Software Update functionality through the macOS System Preferences pane.[Hidden Content] View the full article
  10. For 4.5 only, adds loading=lazy tags to user profile images, reactions, and reputation. As inspired by @Gabriel Torres and promised in 4.6. Your millage may vary. To be included natively in 4.6 in some future place and time, but here to speed up render in the here and now. View the full article
  11. So if u cant download our deb files u can read top of the forums. Donater or vip users only acces this forum. if you are only a member u cant acces this page. @Üye
  12. This app will will display a page containing a chart of new topics activity and display your most viewed topics, most replied topics, most liked topics, pinned topics, featured topics and solved topics. At the app 's settings page you can select the groups that you want to view the Top Topics page, exclude forums whose topics you do not want to show and set the display number of how many topics you want to show. View the full article
  13. Afuera's Gigabyte Z490m Gaming X Hackintosh (Video Editing FCPX and Adobe Suite Machine) Gigabyte DZ490m Gaming X - i9-10850K - AORUS Radeon RX 580 8GB 508388 Components: 508364 MB: Gigabyte Z490M Gaming X *Small, cheap, well bu...[Hidden Content] View the full article
  14. Very well done , i really like the design!
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