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  1. More information about "IMVUKSA Product Extractor Special Edition (All in one Packet )Full Cracked indir / Download v2.08"


    IMVUKSA Product Extractor Special Edition (All in one Packet )Full Cracked indir / Download v2.08

    You can see the difference from other app old IDs Hello u can use our crack or setup for full licensed. 🙂 if u buy special version u can download orginal version free too 🙂 special version including deleted account, deleted items and the other thing. U can easily download and import.  For update u can use donate offcourse  Arkadaşlar program tarafımızdan cracklenmiştir. Sorun yaşayan olursa buradan bizimle iletişime geçebilir. U can access our keygen too 🙂 (only specila users can access) All in one packet including (imvuksa Music Maker, imvuksa Gif Maker, imvuksa Texture Extractor and the other) Her zaman orjinal kullanmanızı tavsiye ederiz.

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  2. More information about "IMVUKSA Product Extractor v5.0.0.9 Full Cracked indir / Download"


    IMVUKSA Product Extractor v5.0.0.9 Full Cracked indir / Download

    Hello u can use our crack or setup for full licensed. 🙂 For update u can use donate offcourse  Arkadaşlar program tarafımızdan cracklenmiştir. Sorun yaşayan olursa buradan bizimle ileşime geçebilir  

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  3. More information about "IMVUKSA Texture Extractor v.11 Cracked Full download / indir"


    IMVUKSA Texture Extractor v.11 Cracked Full download / indir

    Hello u can use our patch or setup exe for fully cracked v.11 🙂 Güncelleme için takip edebilirsiniz. if u liked it u can donate to us 🥰 Update maybe'll come

    we can advice use it orginal of course 

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  4. More information about "imvuksa Mesh Converter Full Download"


    imvuksa Mesh Converter Full Download

    Contact to us 🙂

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  5. More information about "Dark / Light Fluent Design Theme Full  indir / Download"


    Dark / Light Fluent Design Theme Full indir / Download

    Helo its avaible on us
    ips verison 4.7.1 compatibility 🙂
    Dark / Light  Fluent Design Theme Edition.

    Compatibility Forums, Calendar, Pages, Blogs, Downloads, Gallery, Commerce Release Notes in Pages, Chatbox+, Chatbox FREE Support for icons in notifications: Quizzes, Trophies and Medals, Post Notes, (SD) Company Directory, (SD) Course Box, (SD) Game Keys Store, (SD) Image Host, (SD) Live Streams, (SD) My Places, (SD) Newsletter, (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds) Built-in modifications: (aXen) Group formatting in mention, (aXen) Font Awesome 5 in IPS  
    Other settings: It is possible to change all colors, both light and dark, by editing the settings (without editing the CSS code), Enable / disable animation and direction animation, Adjust the width of the blocks in the footer, Adding your own background along with its setting in the footer, Changing the position of the forum description (Before or after sub-forums), Enable / disable shrink forum names, Enable / disable Forum statistics (Posts and topics), Custom forum category icons (Font Awesome 5), Enable / disable Unread Forum Badge, *Recommended* Viewing Topic Ratings in the Forum View, Viewing Topic Reactions in the Forum View, Custom background with customization (Separate for dark and light modes or only one for all styles), *Recommended* Personalization of the Scrollbar, Change the position of the cake when the user has a birthday in topic view (Next to the nickname or At the bottom of cAuthorPane), *Recommended* Notification with a red message if user the inbox is full, *Recommended* Blocking of reputation reversal, Enable / disable  "Go to top" button, Enable / disable  icons in Profile Fields, Change the position of the logo (Right, Left, Center), Header height change, Enable / disable sticky userbar, Enable / disable search icon in elUserNav, Enable / disable social media icons (Own icons with Font Awesome 5), Changing the position of social media (UserBar, Header, Footer), Enable / disable nav icons (Own icons with Font Awesome 5), Enable / disable UserLink_menu icons (Own icons with Font Awesome 5), Change the navigation background, Your own image in the header with its personalization, Enable / disable home icon Enable / disable Hook the navigation bar to the mobile style screen, You can choose the default header's style or with the logo only in the center of the screen in mobile mode. Changing all button positions in elMobileNav, Ability to choose the main color, *Recommended* It is possible to turn on the automatic change of the dark / light theme depending on the settings in the system, [cAuthorPane] Enable nick formatting, Change position "Report" and "Edit" button, Enable / disable Online status icon in topics, *Recommended* [Signature] Enable / disable text collapse, Hide the "Mark as resolved" button in the first post, Possibility to choose the location of the field with widgets (Default or on the entire width of the page), Enable / disable widgets icons (Own icons with Font Awesome 5), Change widget title text-align, *Recommended* Enable / disable trophies in top blocks, Enable / disable (Who's Online Witget) Count all users together, (Topic Feed) Show / hide where the topic was written, (Post Feed) Show / hide a piece of post content, (Post Feed) Show / hide where the topic was written  


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  6. Free

    ShoopedStrom SecondLife

    ShoopedStorm is a Firestorm version of ShoopedLife. All features are free to use. You dont need buy a key or any of that other garbage. Enjoy ShoopedStorm Features * Spoof Login Credentials - located in viewer menu on login screen. * Import / Export Objects and Wearables. * lua Console version 5.2 * Message Log / Message Builder * Local Inventory and Lodaing and saving of .invgz * Texture Inspector * Shift Left Click Copies UUIDs for objects, avatars, textures * Shift Right Click Gets the textures for objects, avatars, textures controls * Texture control Image by uuid and lots of preset textures * Keytool (ctrl shft k) opens assets by uuid wearables are permanent. * Explode and Destroy to pie delete menu * Measure to pie Pathfinding menu * Avatar textures reworked with wearables rip and profile pics * Inventory Backup (save as) * Inventory Assets Reupload feature * Rez one, Grief Rez to right click in inventory Objects * Delete All Owned Objects In View (ctrl+delete) * Upload scripts, wearables, gestures, notecards added to bulk upload (free upload) * Inventory item properties is in full details. * Explore Animations Floater added with save as bvh or animatn * Added reupload, saveas .animatn, saveas .bvh, copy uuid to the animation preview floater * Sound Explorer has export as wav or ogg * Added copy uuid and play ambient to the sound preview floater * Preview gesture floater added Duplicate gesture btn, save to disk gesture btn, and copy items from gesture to inventory (sounds aninations etc...) * Asset Hexeditor * Asset Texteditor * Added Teleport To Safety(control+pgup) + ground (control+pgdown) * Added Avatar Hud Detection to pie menu * Added Vfs Explorer and Vfs Injector Floaters (Vfs is built in asset ram disk) * Added Obj Export by Apelsin (mesh) * AO can use uuid notecards simply drag to built in ao it will then create a folder with notecard and animations in local inventory fom there you can right click export for os grid or redrag notecard to AO overrider to use from local inventory. * Custom Mouselook Crosshairs and avatar distance. use your own or choose from list. * TpHere added to the land pie menu. * Added ripping abilities to the radar right click * Added a follower button to radar to make your prims follow atarget. *ShoopedStorm Tools (This includes five tabs “Targeted, Objects, Sounds, Animations and defense”) Targeted taballows you to attack any player on the grid so choose your target and your attack and enjoy the lulz Objects tab allows you to drop any prim into the slot and mass rezz how many you desire, utimatly crashing the sim (built in Sim Crasher). It also has an Object follow Prim option. Sounds tab allows you to enter the UUID’s of any sound and play them inworld. There are also built in sounds preloaded with the viewer. You can also go to floater_toolshed.xml and add you desired sounds so they are available from the drop down menu. Animations tab same instructions as sound tab, works the same way. Defense tab allows you to stop all dialog spam, block all dialog toggles, derendeer prims, block all sounds, etc… In other words you are protected.  


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  7. Free

    HydraStorm SecondLife

    Export Mesh Collada .dae with texture ️ Export Avatar as XML ️ XML Import and Export ️ Backup Import and Export .OXP as Linkset. ️ CopyBot Prims Inworld from the Save as Backup Menu. ️ MAC and HDD serial Spoof added to Login Panel. ️ Channel and Version Spoofing added to Login Panel. ️ Local inventory ️ Copy AssetID and Open Texture added to a context menu of texture controls. ️ Preview and Rip Textures, Animations, Sounds, Mod Scripts and Gestures. ️Bulk upload ️ Import Scripts notecards. ️ Texture Inspector with Texture Ripping. ️ Particle Explorer, Particle Rip and Animated texture script ripping. ️ Av Texture floater unlocked and added rip all to inventory and copy all asset ids to clipboard.  ️ AO now accepts UUID NoteCards ️ Inventory back-up, with right-click "save as" ️ Save and load inventories, with right-click "save inv cache" / inventory file load Inv Cache (on another account loads your backed up inventory on alt) ️ DAE and OBJ Export permission checks removed. ️ Added Familiar Export Xml Floater with wearable rip. ️ Added Resync of animations. ️ Hacked God mode ️ Asset Hex editor ️ Unlocked sound explorer added some ripping abilities. ️ Unlocked animation explorer added some ripping abilities. ️ Added Particle Explorer Floater to view/rip all particle system scripts in sim. ️ Added Undeformer ️ Delete all owned objects in region. ️ Teleport to Saftey and Teleport to Ground ️ And several other features  


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  8. More information about "Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Cheat Engine Module Cheat"


    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Cheat Engine Module Cheat


    Cheat İçeriği
    Freeze Enemy One Hit Kill Attribute Points Focus Points Morale Set Attributes to High value Zero Weapon Weight Unlimited Ammo High Clan Tier Level Unlimited Health Horse Increase Horse Speed Get Camera Ghost Unlimited Health Human Unlimited Health Unlimited Health Troop Get Party Leader Stats Instant Mission Leave Freeze Mission Force Mission End Gold Influence Food Holding Weapon Stats Low Difficulty Smithy Resources Stamina Immortal Horse Immortal Human Update
    Update 30: Added Support for e. 1.1.1 Fixed One Hit Kill Fixed Unlimited Health ( Human Map ) Fixed Get Party Leader Stats Fixed Get PlayerCoord Fixed Unlimited Morale Fixed Unlimited Gold Fixed Unlimited Health Troop Fixed Unlimited Health Human Fixed Unlimited Health horse Update 29: Added Support for e.1.2.0 Beta Fixed One Hit Kill Fixed Attribute Points Fixed Focus Points Fixed Get Character Level Fixed Unlimited Health ( Human Map ) Fixed Get Party Leader stats Fixed PlayerCoord Fixed Freeze Mission Fixed Unlimited Morale Fixed Unlimited Gold Fixed Unlimited Health Troop Fixed Unlimited Health Horse Fixed Unlimited Health Human ( Human Combat ) Fixed Reserve Update 16: Added Troop XP Update 15: Fixed Immortal Troop crash Update 14: This Update also works for e1.0.5 Added Set Inventory Weight to 0 Added Get Selected Machine Data (Siege Camp) Added Renown No reload will not work for bow

    1. Spend some Gold
    2. Activate Script
    3. Set Own Value or set it to Unlimited Reserve
    4. Spend again some Gold
    5. Reopen Town Window

    Unlock all Smithy Parts:
    1. Forge 1 weapon.
    2. Activate script
    3. Forge again 1 weapon -> You screen will freeze for few seconds
    4. When freeze is over deactivate script and reopen smithy

    Blade Data
    Select a Blade

    Click on a Town and the pointers should trigger

    Troop XP
    Make sure you open Party window first so that you can activate script.
    When you change your value make sure you reopen your window

    Unlimited Ammo
    Make sure that you switch through your weapons

    Freeze Enemy:
    Can take some time to unfreeze Enemys -> Important move with your Player

    One Hit Kill:
    Hit one Enemy in a fight -> Watch Video

    Unlimited Stamina:
    Loose some stamina.

    Get Character Level:
    Activate and press C to open character window

    Get Selected Machine Data:
    You need to be in a siege and select a machine. (When you can't activate it reactivate "reinitializeSymbolhandler") -> Can take 2-3 trys to activate

    Open Clan window first when you can't activate script
    Credits Rysefox


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  9. More information about "Download Plus addon 4.x"


    Download Plus addon 4.x

    NOTE: PHP 7.0+ required for Downloads Plus 2.3.0+
    DownloadsPlus takes the default IP.Downloads and propels it to the max!  With a slew of new features, additions, and enhancements, it transforms your Downloads application into a one-stop shop for informational details, client support, and customer service.  DownloadsPlus provides awesome new features that expand your Downloads application.  No more support tickets in IP.Commerce.  No more questions and topics in IP.Board.  No more bugs in a custom tracker in IP.Pages.  No more searching for questions, problems, and tickets in multiple areas.  DownloadsPlus bring all of these resources together into a single spot directly accessible in IP.Downloads, which allows you to efficiently and intelligently manage all of your files directly from the file itself!   Buy the new DownloadsPlus application and supercharge your Downloads app!  
      Do you want to empower your members to ask questions and receive detailed answers from other users before buying a file? Do you want to provide better service by building a support system into the file manager? Do you want a clean layout that packs all of these enhancements plus the default IP.Downloads information into a tighter space for mobile efficiency?
    DownloadsPlus is designed for communities with an extensive file system that sell or distribute files and want to find a smarter, faster, and more efficient method to support users!
    DownloadsPlus contains multiple new features in both the ACP and front-end.  Some of its major new features include: Support System - Build a support ecosystem around each file, which makes it simpler and easier to provide immediate assistance to users.  The support system contains advanced features such as auto-resolve, status updates, and private / public tickets. Q&A System - Build a question and answer system dedicated to each file, so members can ask questions before buying.  Other users can answer the question or identify that they have the same question too.  Admins can always control the answers (if incorrect or misleading) by deleting answers. Tutorials - Build tutorials for each file.
    New Features in the Downloads ACP setting: Auto-Resolve Time Status Update settings Enable Stores Limits for "Author's Other Files" Dplus Mailer
    Features added to each download's category ACP setting: Enable Questions Question Permissions Only owners can answer questions Enable Support Require purchase before supporting Support Permissions Tab order Enable Tutorials
    Features added to each file's front-end: Details on its own tab Changelog on its tab Q&A is a new tab Notifications when answered Multiple answers "I have this question too" by other users Remove question / remove answer Support is a new tab Create new support report "Click and hold" to edit support title Version requirement on support tickets Follow and Notification preferences Public or Private tickets Filters to show only tickets you desire Tutorials File Author can create Tutorials for their file Reviews on its own tab visual stats Comments on its own tab Author's Other File (shows a carousel of author's other files).
    All of these features natively integrate with your existing permissions, so it works seamlessly with your IP.Downloads.
    Geek out with other cool features in DownloadsPlus: Auto Resolve - An advanced feature of the Support system.  Auto-Resolve is a setting to automatically close a ticket in X days if no response.  For example, if you have a support ticket where the last response is from the downloader and X days have transpired, the ticket is automatically marked as "Closed."  If you have a support ticket where the last response is from the uploader and X days have transpired, the ticket is automatically marked as "No Response." Statuses - An advanced feature of the Support system.  Statuses can be customized to provide a built-in tracker for issues.
    Please install or update like any other application.   Navigate to ACP > System > Site Features - Applications. Click on "Install" Select the TAR file and install.
    This file requires IP.Core and IP.Downloads.
    PHP 7.0+
    maintenance release for IPS 4.4 compatibility

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