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IGameGuardian under 10.3.3 / 32-Bit


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Bildergebnis für igameguardian ios


Yesterday tried and it worked on 10.3.3 ;) ( see Video below )

Whether it runs at 64-bit, unfortunately I dont know

Note: not stolen. Please support the developer with 3$

I wish you a lot of fun while cheating 😃



  • Spoiler


    • Offiziell Buy the IGameGuardian/
    • Activate it first
    • Keep showing "Please reboot your device"

    • Please don't use tools to kill background processes.
    • Please don't use Flex or any other tweaks to hack iGG.
    • Please don't use cleaning tweaks, e.g. iCleaner.
    • Uninstall iGG from Cydia.
    • Install iGG from repo source: http://aquawu.github.io/igg/
    • Launch iGG 20 times







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Thank you Codepoet for this patch. I integrated the 64bit compatibility and the extern "C" linkage under linux in the svn trunk version. I will check the patches for the makefiles later.

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