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Creator privileges Restore


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Hello friends, @Üye
Thanks for being with us. Some creators have been banned,closed shop for stealing items, texture, mesh and not using our products. We know the strict policies of imvu on this issue. We had many friends who wanted to bring their creative features back. And we helped these friends.
They have successfully reclaimed their creative privileges. Of course, we cannot share the method with you. But our success rate is 99%

We can offer this service to you for a fee. But we want to point out from the beginning. This service will be a little expensive.
Our suggestion to you is that if your store is not successful, you can use a new account instead of getting your creative privileges back, and in this way, you will not pay us.
But your store is important and if you want to open it, you can contact us.
We want to provide this service to private customers only.
It takes a maximum of 1 week to get your privileges back from dmca. If we fail we offer a 50% refund.
think carefully. The price we set now is $ 250 and we only accept payment in crypto money (binance, coinbase)
Please pay attention and feel free to contact us.


u can contact directly


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