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Hacxx Telegram Poster V1.1 - A tool to share messages on multiple Telegram channels


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Hacxx Telegram Poster is a tool that facilitates the share of messages in Telegram channels. Created with the purpose of posting in a few selected channels.

What can the user do?
A user can post a message by just launching the app, select the Telegram channel, write the message and hit post. Automatically the app will forward your request and provide a status.

Include your channel and get paid for your traffic!
This is something to develop later but basically if you own a Telegram channel you can earn money. The idea is to post on your channel and pay for the traffic generated. The Telegram channel admin can revoke the permission to post at any time.

How to add your Telegram channel to the app?
Send me a pm or mail at hacxx20@gmail.com.

Download: (Large Version)

Download: (For Android, iPhone, Apple TV, etc)

Virus Scan:
The file is in plain text.

NOTE: There is a PREMIUM version of Hacxx Telegram Poster.

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