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Best iOS 11 Tweaks [My Tweak Collection]


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This is the 'Best iOS 11 Tweaks'

Note: Sorry but I don't like icon theming, I prefer the stock iOS style.

I have tested some of my iOS 9 tweaks for you so you don't have to. So some tweaks designed for iOS 9 will be listed so they may be UNSTABLE (Randomly Crash):)

Most of these should work for the iOS 11.2 - 11.3.1 Jailbreak as well.

Tweak List:

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Screenshots (LS & HS)


cglEhy4.jpg   4bXghmS.jpg

Happy Jailbreaking!!

If you know any other great tweaks please let me know below I would love to check them out!

Hope this helps you find some new tweaks! Please give this post a  react_like.png  if it did, thanks.  (y)

Haberin Devamı

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