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Kingdom Rush: Origins v1.4 Hacks +32

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I needed to take a break from darkness reborn/sub_x modding. Darkness Reborn is making me really angry. And when I can get preference bundles to work, I'll add one to this hack.


Tweak.xm: http://iosgods.com/topic/5005-kingdom-rush-tweakxm/



-infinite atomic bombs

-infinite atomic freezes
-infinite dynamite
-infinite gold
-infinite freeze
-infinite gems (just play a game)
-infinite “hand’s of midas”
-infinite hearts
-infinite “horn’s heroism”
-infinite “dragon rods”
-infinite teleport scrolls
-infinite timewrap
-infinite “wrath of elynia”
-enemies one hit kill
-enemies have no armor
-enemies do not attack
-enemies can not dodge attacks
-enemies give out tons of gems
-enemies give tons of gold
-infinite health for you
-infinite armor for you
-no freaking device vibration (thank god)
-instant level 10
-crazy thunderbolt range (kills everything on the map)
-crazy thunderbolt damage
-always three stars
-high tower sell price
-enemies cannot do special attacks
-enemies cannot rage (whatever that means)
-enemies cannot do magic
-all towers unlocked
-towers cost 0
How to install:
1. download my deb:
Hidden Content
2. install it using iFile
3. respring
shmoo (me)

Haberin Devamı

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