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Chef Town: Cook, Farm & Expand 2.8 +20

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Chef Town: Cook, Farm & Expand 2.8 +20




- Unlimited Coins

- Unlimited Gems

- Unlimited VIP Gems

- Unlimited Energy

- Max Culinary Stars

- Max VIP Level

- Player Level (80)

- Gain 700 XP From Planting

- Max Recommendation Status/Points (Five Star Restaurant)

-Everything In Shop Is Unlocked (Including VIP)

- Extra Slots Expanded (100)

- Craft Slots Expanded (100)

- Fridge Size Expanded (5000)

- Pantry Size Expanded (5000)

- No Craft Wait Time

- No Preparation Wait Time

- No Cooking Wait Time

- All Recipes Mastered (Basic/Advanced/Expert)

- No Ingredients Required To Craft

- Cloud Removed From Locked Areas


NOTE: If you have a previous save game a WARNING pop up for modding resources will show. Don't worry about it. :)


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1. Download .deb from link provided

2. Install

3. Configure options from Settings

4. Respring

5. Run game


Brought to you by JustinPet26! :p

Haberin Devamı

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