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Boom Beach +3 Cheats (iOS:v24.149)

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HI ,Xmodgames is compatible with iOS 9 now!

How to jailbreak→click here




1.Advanced Simulate Attack: 
【Magma Statue Simulate】 -- allows you to simulate Magma Statues' Buff on Troop Damage & HP. 
【Infinite Statue Simulation】 -- Predict Statue Order (Advanced)
 Infinite Simulate Space
 Infinite Simulate Crystals
【Show Diving】 -- Foretell Rewards in Diving
【Set Energy】: Allows you to set Warship Energy in Simulate Attack
【Set My Troops】: Allows you to set and unlock Troops in Landing Crafts in Simulate Attack
2.Basic Features:
Simulate Attack
Simulate Statues Building
Keep Active

For iDevice users:
1    Jailbroken iDevice
2    Cydia Substrate
3    xmodgames

Instructions for Installation in iDevice:
Once you have added our repo you can find all the latest game mods in Cydia
Cydia >Sources>Edit>Add: http://apt.xmodgames.com/ > Install xmodgames
For Android users:
1 Rooted phone
2 xmodgames

Download in Android system:
download link→Click Here
or search xmodgames in google play

Instructions for Activation:
1. Install the game first as usual and update it if necessary.
2. Open the App 'xmodgames' from HomeScreen.
3. Make sure you have downloaded and installed Boom Beach from App Store before installing or updating the mod. 
To install the mod, Click on the entry of Boom Beach in Mod Menu.
4.When the mod is successfully launched, you should see a “Xbot” button around the right edge of the screen. Tap on it to call out the tool box.
5. You can make screenshots, make video and look at PRO walkthroughs and interact with boom beach fans there. 
6. Tapping on Xmod, We can see four features of the mod: 
【Keep Active】,【Simulate Attack】 ,【My Troops】(Subfeature of Simulate Attack)and【Simulate Statues Building】. 
The walkthrough focuses on the last one. 
7. The last powerful feature simulates the statues (with whatever attribute) you will get in the building sequence you set.
The main idea is to predict what you get, avoid wasting crystals and save your time.
To activate, first turn it ON in the menu.
Caution: Simulate Attack must be OFF to use Simulate Statues Building.

8. With this simulation, you can check future statue attributes in the order you put.
Remember to write down the info of each of them, the ordinal number in the building sequence included. 

9. When you turn the switch OFF.
The game will restart and all resources spent will be restored.
With the info of the statues to come at hand, you can decide whether they’re worthy of investing the crystals or not.
The fixed order will change on any update of the game. 


10. Simulate attack (Must be OFF if you want to launch real attacks.)
--When you "visit" or when you "scout" an area,it will also be a simulative practice 
--so you can see whether you can beat the rival. 
--The game then restarts afterwards and you lose nothing



Customizable Troop Plan: You can customize your troop type and number now! 

You have to have at least one unit on the boat to activate editting data of this boat troop plan. 

The level of the troop is dependent on your base armoury.The number of landing crafts available for editing is decided by the existant(e.g. you have 6 boats, thus, only can edit the first 6 boats). 

About Tanks Editting, they requires energy. Make sure you have enough energy for landing them. 


11. Remember to Turn ON Simulate Attack after setting MY Troops.

And Turn it OFF for real attacks.



12. Keep active(You Never Get Attacked While The App is Active)



Here is the tutorial video! The best statue building assistant tool ever for Boom Beach. All soldiers are ready for duty!



Detailed Guide of how to use Boom Beach Features:





Xmodgames Team


Haberin Devamı

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