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Cars: Fast as Lightning v1.3.2 Hacks +3


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- iFile

- Dropbox app (optional)

- Cydia Substrate (get it from Cydia)

- PreferenceLoader (get it from Cydia)

- iOS 7 or above



- Infinite Gems (I refer to them as diamonds in the patcher)

- Infinite Gold Coins

- Infinite Fuel


How to install:

1. Download my .deb from here:

Hidden Content

    iOSCheats is a leecher! He steals our work and takes credit for it as his own. Never trust a word he says and never, EVER donate!




2. Install with iFile

3. Kill Cars: Fast as Lightning and Settings.app or respring

4. Go into Settings.app and find "Cars: Fast as Lightning Cheats"

5. Turn on what you want

6. Open up the game and enjoy ;)



@@shmoo (me)

Haberin Devamı

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