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Clash of Clans +8Cheats( update to v8.116.2)

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Clash of Clan Mod Updated ! !!
--Android Mod updated to v.2.1.0
--IOS Mod updated to v.3.1.1
--Both 【ONLY】 support COC the latest game version( v. 8.116.2).
【Solution for COC crash while launching mod】:
1.Update COC game version to v. 8.116.2 in 【Google Store】 or 【App Store 】firstly.
2.Clean Xmodgames data.(Device setting->Apps->Xmodgames->Clean data)
3.Install the latest COC Mod. "Latest" means v.2.1.0 for Android and v.3.1.0 for iOS!
4.Enjoy it.



-Rooted/jailbroken phone
-Cydia substrate(ios user)

Instructions for Installation in iDevice:
-Tap software sources.
-Tap “EDIT”then “Add”.
-Enter Cydia/APT URL:apt.xmodgames.com
-Install xmodgames.
-Launch the app.

1.Sandbox Combo Templates

--Used for quick switch between different combos for Sandbox scenarios.

2.Dead Base Search

--Used for finding the base that have a great deal of resource in Gold Mine/Elixir Collector/Dark Elixir Collector.

3.Search Loot

--Used for finding ideal base for resource raid.

--The number of Gold/Elixir/Dark Elixir/Town Hall Level/the distance between TownHall and the edge of map/tropy of enemy can be set in Search Loot.

4.Copy Player's Layout.

--Used for collecting other players’ layout.

--Design for junior players.

5.Sandbox From Replay

--Used for finding strategy to win 3-star Battle War

--Enemy Traps can be seen in Replay

6.Sandbox Attack.

--Used for finding strategy to win 3-star Battle War

--Your own troops/ your castle troops/ Enemy Castle Troops/Spells can be set in random in Sandbox Attack.

7.Real Time Trap

--Used for seeing traps in Real Attack/Battle.

--3-Star battle log can be guaranteed.

8.Keep Active

--Used for protecting your base from being attacked by others



More information about Xmodgames,Please visit Xmodgames Post

Haberin Devamı

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