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Better MediaBoxHD- Ad removal, turbo speed, premium streams+ privacy

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Hacked app: MediaBoxHD Version 2.3.3 (last Update of tweak was 3-5-19, for that version of the app) It’s since had updates that leak some ads. Going to make a new version soon though including support for A12 devices.


Source: http://cydia.dtathemes.com/repo/

Compatible with:

All jailbroken devices iOS 9.0-12.1.2 (EXCEPT A12) Also latest version of app let a few ads slip by, will have an update soon to fix. (6-15-19)

(This hack needs XZ utils from Bingner repo to work on iOS 9-10, will make build that won’t make u update tools if u don’t want soon.)

Hack Features:

1.) Ad removal (Banners, video ads, etc)

2.) Turbo Mode- No bandwidth throttling when using cellular, or any other time; fastest download / streaming speeds available.

3.) Privacy Protection: Device ID(UUID + IDFA), WiFi, Bluetooth and MAC address hidden, and more info they shouldn’t be collecting. (Like ur phone number!) Note: I was disturbed when looking at how much they may be playing with user data and it’s not 100% private.  Use app at ur own risk.   Will work on finding their other sneaky ways of collecting data.

4.) VIP streams- (beta feature) Works about 1/2 of the time, if it doesn’t load VIP version it will load fastest available stream. It’s normal to have a couple seconds delay waiting for it to load Premiumized version. Sometimes it asks for Capcha before using a premium stream. It’s not full VIP, but often it says VIP3MU, which loads w/o extra effort, while some other normally premium streams like FMPL make u prove ur not a bot. 

Made as a request for @N3xus

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Installation instructions:

1.) Download app from Cydia, from dtathemes repo, or official version from MediaBoxHD website.

2.) Download tweak from hidden

3.) Copy tweak to Filza, tap on it and hit install.

4.) Respring, open app and enjoy. (Removed settings all features are always on.)




99142-A74-92-D0-4-E83-AFAC-59366-D90072-Note: It is recommended to use a VPN whenever using apps like this. I haven’t had any issues but as a safeguard, and considering there are plenty of freemium VPN’s in here, might as well use one.

Haberin Devamı

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