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Whatsapp +12 Mods


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For more hacks, tricks and tutorials visit My main topic


Let's see what you will be able to do:

1.Stealth Mode

2.Disable Read Receipts

3.Disable Delivery Receipts

4.Disable Typing Receipts

5.Set a Password

6.Full Profile Pic

7.Send Unlimited Media

8.Tap To Record

9.Remove Camera Buttom From Chat Bar

10.Custom Text Color

11.Custom Theme

12.No Ads


A.Click on the "show" button:


For more hacks, tricks and tutorials visit My main topic 


To see the content first hit the like button iIYIfDL.png(scroll down the page it's on the botton rightthen reply/comment



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    React or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info


For more info and questions pm me. 

Haberin Devamı

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