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Shadowgun: Deadzone v2.6.0 Hacks +2

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- A jailbroken device

- iFile

- Cydia Substrate (from Cydia)

- PreferenceLoader (from Cydia)

- iOS 8 or above


Hack Features:

- Fire Rate x31

- Betta Aim (cap always goes ta tha middle of yo' screen)


Probably da most thugged-out buggin game I've eva tried ta hack up in mah entire life


How tha fuсk ta install:

1. Downlizzle mah .deb file from here:

Hidden Content

2. Install wit iFile by tappin tha .deb n' tappin "Installer".

3. Go tha fuсk into Settings n' find "Shadowgun: Deadzone Cheats"

4. Turn on what tha fuсk you want.

5. Open up Shadowgun: Deadzone.

6. Trip off it :hyper:




Haberin Devamı

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