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YooKassa Payment Gateway


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This application adds a YooKassa payment method, allowing your customers to pay for products, services and files in your community using payment methods supported by YooKassa. Application supports several payment scenarios, automatic refunds and integration with online sales register in order to comply with Federal Law No. 54 of the Russian Federation.

YooKassa is intended for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. For personal use please check out

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 (formerly known as Yandex.Money).

What is YooKassa

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is a popular payment aggregator in Russia, previously known as Yandex.Checkout (Yandex.Kassa). It allows you to accept payments using bank cards, e-money, online banking, and even cash at payment terminals.

Application features

Payments. Application allows you to accept payments in the following ways (check the actual list at

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 or contact your manager): 

  • Bank cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Mir, and JCB.
  • Apple Pay and Google Play (only via YooKassa website).
  • Electronic money: UMoney, WebMoney, Qiwi Wallet.
  • Online banks: Sberbank Online, Alfa-Click, Tinkoff.
  • Mobile phone balance: Beeline, MegaFon, MTS, Tele2.
  • Cash at terminals or payment points.

Refunds. Application allows you to make refunds. When a transaction is refunded in Invision Community, the funds are automatically refunded to the buyer via YooKassa. Conversely, when refunded via YooKassa, the transaction is automatically refunded in Invision Community.

Federal Law No. 54. Application supports sending data to generate a receipt for each payment, as well as a receipt for each refund. In this way, you can comply with Federal Law No. 54 of the Russian Federation, which obliges you to generate receipts in an online sales register and send them to the Federal Taxation Service of Russia.

Two payment scenarios. Application implements two payment scenarios: smart payment and manual payment method selection. Depending on the scenario, the behavior on the Checkout step on your site differs.

  • Smart payment is the simplest scenario. It redirects a user to the YooKassa website, where all available payment methods are listed. They can choose a convenient method, pay the bill, and then return to the site.
  • Manual payment method selection is a more seamless scenario. The user selects a payment method on your site, and then goes to the site of the payment method. This can be YooMoney, Sberbank Online, Qiwi Wallet, and so on. Upon completion of the payment, the user returns to the site.

The scenario selection is available in the payment method settings, so you can change it to the one that suits you best at any time.

Changing the invoice status. For some people this point raises questions, so I think it is necessary to mention it separately. After payment on the YooKassa website is made, invoice in the Invision Community is marked as paid automatically (or marks for approval, if you set it up in the AdminCP).

Other information

You can find installation instructions on

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This application works only with Russian rubles. There is no automatic conversion at the exchange rate. When placing an order in a different currency, the payment method becomes unavailable for selection.

In order to use this application, as well as for the ability to sell files in the Downloads application, you must have an official Commerce application.

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