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Tiny Wings v2.1 Hacks +5

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Welcome to my first ever hack!


If I didn't format this topic right, could someone let me know? Thanks




I wanted to feel productive, so I put this together :p If I feel like adding more things, I will. I'll post the Tweak.xm also if you wanted so see how I did it, here is the link: http://iosgods.com/topic/4071-tiny-wings-tweakxm/


I'm going to make most of my hacks open source.


MS is not the only thing I know, I'm working on Dead Trigger 2 and Call of Duty: Strike Team, so be on the lookout for those :p



- always in fever mode

- high score

- speed hack (works only in races)

- low gravity

- fever mode never runs out


How to install:

- download my hack:

Hidden Content

- open it in ifile

- tap install

- respring



shmoo (me)


dont leech, i'll find you

Haberin Devamı

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