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Advanced Gift Cards


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Advanced Gift Cards extends the default IPS Gift Card feature


  • Select what payment methods to allow for purchasing Gift Cards
  • Select what member groups can buy Gift Cards
  • Allow members to send Gift Cards to other members via PM when purchasing them
    • This will allow members to enter a users name and it will send them the Gift Card as a nice private message
    • Choose a default member to be the PM sender ( Maybe a Admin or bot ) or let the buyer be the PM sender
    • The PM receiver will be the only member who can see the message ( Apart from Admin's, Read below ) the sender of the PM will automatically be removed from the conversation as soon as it's sent to protect the Gift Card's code
  • Enter a minimum amount required for purchasing Gift Cards
  • Allow's you to add custom colours to use for the Gift Card using the stack and colour settings allowing you to add as many colours as you wanted
  • Allow's you to upload and use images as the Gift Card's backgrounds making them even more unique to your site
    • Background images works on all delivery templates for the gift cards
      • Email
      • Print
      • Private Message
    • If you ever delete the image from the settings / your server then the gift cards what have been sent will just show the default gift card colour
  • Allow's you to replace the sites name on the gift cards
    • Use sites name
    • Use sites logo
      • If you don't see this option it is because you have not uploaded a site logo
    • Upload your own logo
  • Choose to use a custom return URL to redirect members to after they purchase a gift card ( Internal URL's only )
  • Adds a page in the ACP keeping track of all Gift Card purchases with info on it
    • Shows who purchased the Gift Cards
    • Shows the delivery type of the Gift Cards
      • Email
      • Print
      • Private Message
    • If it was sent via Private Message it will show who they sent it to
    • Shows the actual Gift Cards code
    • Shows the Gift Cards value
    • Shows if the Gift Cards has been redeemed
    • Shows who redeemed the Gift Cards
    • Shows the time and date of redemption
    • Allows quick search of the code of the Gift Cards allowing you to check all its progress easily

IPSCommerce is required to use this application


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