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  1. Dolby Atmos Redefines Your Entertainment Experience Moves sound all around you Rather than being constrained to channels, sounds can be precisely placed and moved in three-dimensional space. Adds an overhead dimension A new sensation of height immerses you in the action, creating a full audio atmosphere and realistically depicting objects moving overhead. Produces breathtaking sound quality Dolby Atmos renders everything from dialogue to quiet scenes to whirlwind action with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth. Creates a powerfully moving entertainment experience It all comes together in sound that excites your senses and inspires your emotions to deliver the full impact of entertainment. DA 2020 Updated by Dervişlergrup.com.rar rar pass: @Üye
  2. @Üye Hello u can use our crack or setup for full licensed. 🙂 For update u can use donate offcourse Arkadaşlar program tarafımızdan cracklenmiştir. Sorun yaşayan olursa buradan bizimle ileşime geçebilir Pm the rar pass 🙂 Run the patcher with administrator rights @Üye
  3. The reference software for the forensic acquisition of web pages. Recognized by forensic communities around the world as a valuable tool to crystallize web pages. Acquires the web pages present on the Darkweb through TOR network. Starts the acquisition of web pages and terminates it manually, allowing the operator to capture the behavior of some pages and multimedia content (audio / video) in their entirety. Allows you to schedule the acquisition of a web page, so you can capture the content at different times of the day. It is a real crawler looking for all the web pages linked to the main page, extracting it from the URL and height to create an index from which it can then be automatically downloaded. It also allows you to search on websites with login-protected areas, such as the Social Network. FAW in multipage version, allows automatic capture of a list of web pages. Perfect for capturing entire websites fast and automatically. This tool allows you to capture entire Web sites in FTP and SFTP mode without modifying metadata of copied files. With this tool you can create a detailed report of all the activities carried out with the FAW suite importing all the acquisitions references in addition to regulatory references in Digital Forensics. Download [Hidden Content] Crack & Keygen
  4. Version


    Hello u can use our crack or setup for full licensed. 🙂 For update u can use donate offcourse Arkadaşlar program tarafımızdan cracklenmiştir. Sorun yaşayan olursa buradan bizimle ileşime geçebilir
  5. In June 2019 the popular games site Armor Games was breach leaking hundreds of emails and passwords in plain text. Download: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. Hello u can use our patch or setup exe for fully cracked v.11 🙂 Güncelleme için takip edebilirsiniz. if u liked it u can donate to us 🥰 Update maybe'll come we can advice use it orginal of course u can visit developer site : www.imvuksa.com rar pass: www.dervislergrup.com Run the patch with administrator right @Üye
  7. MOBILedit Forensic Express is a phone and cloud extractor, data analyzer and report generator all in one solution. A powerful 64-bit application using both the physical and logical data acquisition methods, MOBILedit is excellent for its advanced application analyzer, deleted data recovery, live updates, wide range of supported phones including most feature phones, fine-tuned reports, concurrent phone processing, and easy-to-use user interface. With the password and PIN breaker you can gain access to locked ADB or iTunes backups with GPU acceleration and multi-threaded operations for maximum speed. Forensic Express offers maximum functionality at a fraction of the price of other tools. It can be used as the only tool in a lab or as an enhancement to other tools through its data compatibility. When integrated with Camera Ballistics it scientifically analyzes camera photo origins. All-in-one tool used to gather evidence from phones With MOBILedit Forensic Express, you can extract all the data from a phone with only a few clicks. This includes deleted data, call history, contacts, text messages, multimedia messages, photos, videos, recordings, calendar items, reminders, notes, data files, passwords, and data from apps such as Skype, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Signal, WeChat and many others. MOBILedit Forensic Express automatically uses multiple communication protocols and advanced techniques to get maximum data from each phone and operating system. Then it combines all data found, removes any duplicates and presents it all in a complete, easily readable report. Watch product walk-through video Watch this comprehensive video with a product walk-through, including activation, instructions for connecting a phone, recommended usage and report view. If you are looking for a more advanced walk-through video, you can watch the complete walk-through training with multiple videos here. Phone unlocking Forensic Express has a built-in phone unlocking feature for many phone models, allowing you to acquire a physical image even when the phone is protected by a password or gesture. It can bypass the lock-screen on a wide range of Android phones. It is ready to utilize the full potential of modified recovery images in order to perform physical acquisition with just a few clicks. Lock-screen patterns, gestures, PINs and passwords are no longer an obstacle in your way of acquiring any data from a wide variety of Android devices. Physical data acquisition and analysis In addition to advanced logical extraction we also provide Android physical data acquisition, allowing you to extract physical images of investigated phones and have exact binary clones. Physical analysis allows you to open image files created by this process, or those obtained through JTAG, chip-off or other tools to recover deleted files plus all other deleted data where our product is known to be excellent. Advanced application analysis The use of apps to communicate and share has grown rapidly. Many apps are released or updated everyday. It is obvious that the analysis of apps is vital to retrieving as much evidence as possible. This is the strongest point of MOBILedit Forensic Express, we dedicate a large part of our team specifically for application analysis. We employ adaptive and in-depth methods to ensure you retrieve the most data available for each app- especially recovering deleted data. Data is analyzed for its meaning so you see it on a timeline as a note, a photo, a video or a flow of messages no matter what app was used to send them. Check our database of supported apps. Live Updates The use of apps to communicate and share has grown rapidly. Many apps are released or updated everyday. It is obvious that the analysis of apps is vital to retrieving as much evidence as possible. This is the strongest point of MOBILedit Forensic Express, you get updates of application analysis live and as often as needed. Data is analyzed for its meaning so you see it on a timeline as a note, a photo, a video or a flow of messages no matter what app was used to send them. Deleted data recovery Deleted data is almost always the most valuable information in a device. It often hides in applications; and because this is our strongest expertise, we deliver great results in finding deleted data. Our special algorithms look deeply through databases, their invalidated pages and within caches to find any data that still resides in a phone. MOBILedit Forensic Express retrieves the deleted data and presents it clearly in a special section of the report. Fine-tuned reports A tremendous amount of effort has been dedicated to refining reports so they are customizable, easy to read, concise and professional. An enhanced report configurator allows you to define exactly which data will be extracted from the phone and how the report will look. Each report is divided into sections, labeled with icons, pictures, and highlighted relevant data so you can find evidence quickly. A complete, configurable and comprehensive list of all events with a time-stamp is shown on a timeline and messages can be filtered by conversation or by contact names. Reports are available in PDF, XLS, or HTML formats, and you can generate data exports compatible with the other data analysis tools you use in your lab, such as UFED. Have a look on the sample report. Password breaker with GPU acceleration Gain access to locked backups of a phone by using our password and PIN breaker. Passwords can be cracked by performing a dictionary attack using our built-in dictionary, or you can use your own dictionary for other languages. Password breaker uses GPU acceleration and multi-threaded operations for maximum speed. Although iOS has well-protected data due to its on-the-fly hardware encryption, MOBILedit Forensic Express is able to penetrate this protection and retrieve the data using the lockdown method. Concurrent extractions and new 64-bit engine The new 64-bit engine provides stability and the ability to analyze huge amounts of data, apps with hundreds of thousands of messages, photos and other items, plus several phones at once. Speed up your investigation process by extracting multiple phones at the same time, and generating multiple outputs for each one. All you need is a USB hub, cables and a computer powerful enough to perform concurrent jobs. You can finish a week's worth of work overnight! Easy to use UI Having the right tool is not enough, you need the right staff to work with it. The shorter the learning curve the better. Because we have designed software for millions of consumers, it was a welcome challenge for us to make MOBILedit Forensic Express the most user-friendly forensic tool available. With a straightforward interface, each step is simple and guided with clear instruction. It is also optimized for touch screens allowing for easy use in the field. Camera Ballistics - scientific image analysis When combined with Camera Ballistics you are able to identify which images present on the analyzed phone were actually taken by the phone's camera using a sensor fingerprint. This process delivers new insight into the images such as make, model, GPS, camera settings, mean square error, fingerprint presence result, probability, and correlation will be organized into a well designed and comprehensive PDF report suitable for submission as evidence. See how Camera Ballistics can help your investigation iCloud analyzer Now you can analyze backups of iOS devices stored in iCloud. Don't have the phone? Don't worry, you don't need it. Cloud Analyzer will locate all iOS backups in the cloud and let you choose which ones you want to extract, analyze and create reports for. Find crucial hidden evidence including deleted data, applications data and more directly from the cloud. All versions of iOS are supported, including two-factor authentication. Reports in any language Reports are now under the user’s control. You can customize reports to your own style or translate them to your language, so you can meet the criteria defined by the law. Photo Recognizer This module automatically locates and recognizes suspicious content in photos such as weapons, drugs, nudity, currency and documents. Photo Recognizer utilizes artificial intelligence and deep machine learning to quickly analyze an unlimited number of photos, and is designed to eliminate countless hours that would be spent manually searching for key evidence in huge databases of photos. Each photo is placed in its own specific category so the investigator can keep the case well-organized and easily present the suspicious content in a fine-tuned report. Face Matcher This important feature easily finds photos of people you are looking for. Based on the newest deep learning techniques, Face Matcher rapidly analyzes even large quantities of photos that users often have in their phones. Eliminate countless hours spent manually looking through photo albums. Simply supply photos of faces you want to find, and let Face Matcher find right photos in a phone or PC. Download rar pass: www.dervislergrup.com
  8. Ableton Live 9.7 Suite for MAC is an excellent digital audio workstation software developed to provide tools for editing and creating various musical compositions for musicians or producers to perform live onstage. Compared to other sequencers, this app appears more compact with a multitude of different parameters intended for a single screen usage so it may seem complicated to some. However, there will be lots of tutorials to guide as you proceed so don’t fret if you are a new user. The latest full version of Ableton Live 9.7 Suite for MAC crack was released on 4th October 2016 with many updates and bug fixes. For instrument, Live 9 comes with Impulse and Simpler. Check out this cool video of Mad Zach demonstrating slicing with Ableton Live Suite 9.7 new simpler onto drum racks using his Ableton Push 2. New features on Ableton Live 9.7 Suite – Mac version New slicing modes. Beat devisions, Regions and Manual are now available. New drum template with 16 new sets of velocity levels. Hands-on routing (MIDI & Audio) – choose and record ins and outs directly from Push without disrupting your tune. Visual display feedback for harder recordings – Shows clip phase and count-in so you can get more accurate start and finish clip recordings. Hands-on color customization for Push – color key pads, tracks and clips for better visualization. Updated lessons, manual and info text translations. More info – [Hidden Content] SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Minimum requirements for Ableton Live 9.7 Suite for MAC + Crack Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 / 10.8 / 10.9 / 10.10 / 10.11 / macOS Sierra Minimum 4 GB RAM Multi Core processor 1024×768 display 3GB free disk space CRACK DESCRIPTION Ableton Live 9.7 Suite Crack for Mac OS X is a crack patch tool activator for offline authorization which will remove the 30 days TRIAL limitation. Includes Ableton Live Smart Patch v0.9.7.0 by techietrash (patch logic by pitchshifter) INSTRUCTIONS How to crack Ableton Live 9.7 Suite Mac Edition Check your MAC OS X version & Double click on ableton_live_suite_9.7_64.dmg or ableton_live_suite_9.7_32.dmg to mount image Copy file by dragging the app icon to Applications folder Open “Crack Patch” folder and run ableton_live_9.x.x_smart_patch.command (detects 32/64 bit) Choose option 1(FRESH INSTALL) & enter your password when prompted. Wait for the app to be patched and codesigned. Run Ableton Live 9 Suite & double click on the “Authorize.auz” that was created on your desktop to register That’s it! Enjoy! Block outgoing connection using Little Snitch Remember to disable auto updates and send usage data in preferences. Google Drive - Virus scan warning [Hidden Content]
  9. Version 1.0.2


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  10. Version


    Hello u can use our patch or setup exe for fully cracked v.11 🙂 Güncelleme için takip edebilirsiniz. if u liked it u can donate to us 🥰 Update maybe'll come we can advice use it orginal of course
  11. Twitter Other Tweet Retweet Reply Mention Follow Unfollow Favorite Profile Photo / Bio / Header Scraper Multi-Threaded Proxy Enabled Manager Scheduler Auto Pilot Advanced Settings History Logs Task Reports Clear Design Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Contact for rar pass @Üye
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  13. Unity 3D Pro Full 2019.3.1f1 Final x64 indir Unity 3D Pro Full , 3d oyun yapma programıdır android mobil ve flash siteler için tasarlsnmış, çok güçlü mühteşem özellikleri ile sizde, mobil oyunlar dahil bir çok oyuna imzanızı atabilirsiniz, ————————————————————- Boyut:3,32 GB Sıkıştırma: Rar / Şifresiz Tarama: Webroot. / Durum Temiz ————————————————————– Unity 3D Pro Full (((Alternatif))) Unity 3D Pro Full (((Alternatif))) Unity 3D Pro Full yeni 64 bit ====== Unity 3D Pro Full (((Alternatif))) Unity 3D Pro Full (((Alternatif))) Unity 3D Pro Full x64 full win ve mac için ========= Unity 3D Pro Full (((Alternatif))) Unity 3D Pro Full (((Alternatif))) Unity 3D Pro Full 32bit isteyenlere ========= Unity 3D Pro Full (((Alternatif))) Unity 3D Pro Full (((Alternatif))) Unity 3D Pro Full 2019
  14. Formatlık Windows 10 Pro Güncell 32×64 bit DVD Türkçe + UEFİ Şubat Güncell Sistem Orjinal Windows 10 Pro (Redstone 6) Spring Creators 1909 Sürümü Kullanılarak Düzenlendi. Ev Kullanıcılarını Hedef Alan Ve İçerisinde İş Dünyasınada Hitab Eden Kurumsal Hizmetlerinde Bulunduğu Bir İşletim Sistemidir. Güncellemelerin Entegre Edilmesi Dışında Dosya İçerisine Herhangi Bir Bileşen Ekleme Veya Çıkarma Yapılmamış Olup Sistem Microsoftun Sunduğu Varsayılan Özelliklerde Kurulur. 2020 Tarihine Kadar Yayınlanan Tüm Güncelleştirmeler Ve Net Framework 3.5 Sisteme Entegre Edilmiş Olup Yüklü Olarak Gelir. Dosyada Boyutu Küçültmek Amacıyla Esd Sıkıştırma Yapılmış Olup Dvd Veya Usb Cihazına Yazdırılarak Kurulum Yapılabilir. Uefi-Klasik- Setup’dan Kurulumlar Denenmiş Olup Sorunsuzca Yapılabilmektedir. Sistemi Etkinleştirmek İçin Dosya İçerisinde Otomatik Aktivasyon Bulunmaz. Kurulumdan Sonra Elinizde Kurduğunuz Sisteme Ait Lisans Anahtarıyla Veya Lisans Anahtarınız Yoksa Sitedeki Etkinleştirme Araçlarıyla Kurmuş Olduğunuz İşletim Sistemini Etkinleştirebilirsiniz. Esd Nedir? Esd (Electronic Software Delivery) Microsoft Tarafından Geliştirilmiş Bir Dosya Sıkıştırma Tekniğidir. Kurulum Dosyaları İçindeki Kaynak Dosya Olan İnstall.wim Dosyasını Sıkıştırarak %20 Boyut Tasarrufu Sağlamakla Beraber İçerikte Hiçbir Şekilde Değişiklik Yapmamaktadır. Kısacası Esd İşletim Sisteminin Sıkıştırılarak Boyutu Düşürülmüş Halidir Ve Bu Sıkıştırma Esnasında Iso Dosyasına Herhangi Bir Zarar Gelmez. Formatlık Windows 10 Pro Güncell (((Alternatif))) Formatlık Windows 10 Pro Güncell
  15. Same data – 4 perspectives Take a look at your data from different perspectives and uncover the unknown. You have 4 different visualization modes – table, map, graph and all three of them together. Multiple ways of obtaining data Obtain data with the help of the OSINT requests, through DaaS or upload different type data files offline. Ability to work in standalone mode Your results are secured. No cloud, no data leaks. You can unplug the Internet and perform your own analytical requests in an isolated network. Develop your analytics with simple Python API You have your own search and analysis tricks? Use Python API to embed your tools of obtaining and processing data. OSINT in one click We created what you've been always missing in your OSINT solution – a hub of supercharged requests, our Lighthouse. Forget about constant registering and logging into hundreds of services! Just input your search criteria, choose a suitable request and get your result. That simple! All the rest is of our concern. Community exchange Don’t know how to approach an uncommon task? Have a lot of data but unaware of what’s inside it? Or you are just an OSINT newbie? You are not alone! Welcome to our cozy Community Exchange zone, where you’ll be supported by OSINT researchers from all over the world and by our experienced analysts and technical specialists. Navigate by Lampyre, not by the stars We help fulfilling tasks of different subject areas. Law enforcement Upload your data to Lampyre to analyze it and to enrich it by using our requests. It will make your analytics more efficient and will become your reliable tool in investigating crimes and searching for connections in big volumes of unstructured data. Cyber Security Analyzing networks and fighting system insecurities became easier thanks to our search requests. Upload the results of your usual working tools directly to Lampyre and process all data in one window. Download: Full Download rar pass: @Üye
  16. Version 2.0.8


    You can see the difference from other app old IDs Hello u can use our crack or setup for full licensed. 🙂 For update u can use donate offcourse Arkadaşlar program tarafımızdan cracklenmiştir. Sorun yaşayan olursa buradan bizimle iletişime geçebilir. Her zaman orjinal kullanmanızı tavsiye ederiz.
  17. Dosyayı Göster IMVUKSA Texture Extractor v.11 Cracked Full download / indir Hello u can use our patch or setup exe for fully cracked v.11 🙂 Güncelleme için takip edebilirsiniz. if u liked it u can donate to us 🥰 Update maybe'll come we can advice use it orginal of course Yükleyen Admin Eklendi 20-09-2020 Kategori Dosyalar
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  19. PdfMachine Ultimate Full 15.45 İndir PdfMachine Ultimate, pdf resim belge vb dönüştürme programıdır kullanımı kolay bir yazılım pdf düzenleme oluşturma gibi çoklu özelliği bulunuyor. ————————————————————- Boyut:14-mb Sıkıştırma: Rar / Şifresiz Tarama: Webroot. / Durum Temiz
  20. X-Ways Forensics comprises all the general and specialist features known from WinHex, such as... Disk cloning and imaging Ability to read partitioning and file system structures inside raw (.dd) image files, ISO, VHD, VHDX, VDI, and VMDK images Complete access to disks, RAIDs, and images more than 2 TB in size (more than 232 sectors) with sector sizes up to 8 KB Built-in interpretation of JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 5EE, and RAID 6 systems, Linux software RAIDs, Windows dynamic disks, and LVM2 Automatic identification of lost/deleted partitions Native support for FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, TFAT, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, Next3®, CDFS/ISO9660/Joliet, UDF Superimposition of sectors, e.g. with corrected partition tables or file system data structures to parse file systems completely despite data corruption, without altering the original disk or image Access to logical memory of running processes Various data recovery techniques, lightning fast and powerful file carving Well maintained file header signature database based on GREP notation Data interpreter, knowing 20 variable types Viewing and editing binary data structures using templates Hard disk cleansing to produce forensically sterile media Gathering slack space, free space, inter-partition space, and generic text from drives and images File and directory catalog creation for all computer media Easy detection of and access to NTFS alternate data streams (ADS) Mass hash calculation for files (Adler32, CRC32, MD4, ed2k, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, RipeMD-128, RipeMD-160, Tiger-128, Tiger-16, Tiger-192, TigerTree, ...) Lightning fast powerful physical and logical search capabilities for many search terms at the same time Recursive view of all existing and deleted files in all subdirectories Automatic coloring for the structure of FILE records in NTFS Bookmarks/annotations Runs under Windows FE, the forensically sound bootable Windows environment, e.g. for triage/preview, with limitations Support for high DPI settings in Windows Ability to analyze remote computers in conjunction with F-Response ... ...and then some: Support for the filesystems HFS, HFS+/HFSJ/HFSX, ReiserFS, Reiser4, XFS, many variants of UFS1 and UFS2, APFS Superior, fast disk imaging with intelligent compression options Ability to read and write .e01 evidence files (a.k.a. EnCase images), optionally with real encryption (256-bit AES, i.e. not mere “password protection”) Ability to create skeleton images, cleansed images, and snippet images (details) Ability to copy relevant files to evidence file containers, where they retain almost all their original file system metadata, as a means to selectively acquire data in the first place or to exchange selected files with investigators, prosecution, lawyers, etc. Complete case management. Ability to tag files and add notable files to the case report. Ability to enter comments about files for inclusion in the report or for filtering. Support for multiple examiners in cases, where X-Ways Forensics distinguishes between different users based on their Windows accounts. Users may work with the same case at different times or at the same time and keep their results (search hits, comments, report table associations, tagmarks, viewed files, excluded files, attached files) separate, or shares them if desired. Case reports can be imported and further processed by any other application that understands HTML, such as MS Word CSS (cascading style sheets) supported for for case report format definitions Automated activity logging (audit logs) Write protection to ensure data authenticity Keeps you posted about the progress of automatic processing via a drive on the same network or via e-mail while you are not at your workplace Remote analysis capability for drives in network can be added optionally (details) Ability to include files from all volume shadow copies in the analysis (but exclude duplicates), filter for such files, find the snapshot properties, etc. Often finds much more traces of deleting files than competing programs, thanks to superior analysis of file system data structures, including $LogFile in NTFS, .journal in Ext3/Ext4 The basis for a listed file is practically just a mouse click away. Easily navigate to the file system data structure where it is defined, e.g. FILE record, index record, $LogFile, volume shadow copy, FAT directory entry, Ext* inode, containing file if embedded etc. Supported partitioning types: MBR, GPT (GUID partitioning), Apple, Windows dynamic disks (both MBR and GPT style), LVM2 (both MBR and GPT style), and unpartitioned (Superfloppy) Very powerful main memory analysis for local RAM or memory dumps of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Windows 7 Sector superimposition to virtually fix corrupt data on disks or in images and enable further analysis steps without altering the disks sectors/images Shows owners of files, NTFS file permissions, object IDs/GUIDs, special attributes Output of all internal file system timestamps (even 0x30 timestamps in NTFS, added dates in HFS+) Special identification of suspicious extended attributes ($EA) in NTFS, as used for example by Regin Compensation for NTFS compression effects and Ext2/Ext3 block allocation logic in file carving Carving of files also within other files Lightning-fast matching of files against the up to 2 internal file hash databases Matching sector contents against a block hash database, to identify incomplete fragments of highly relevant known files FuzZyDoc™ hashing to identify known textual contents (e.g. classified documents, invoices, stolen intellectual property, e-mails) even if stored in a different file format, re-formatted, edited, ... PhotoDNA hashing to identify known photos (e.g. child pornography) even if stored in a different file format, resized, color-adjusted, constrast-adjusted, blurred, sharpened, partially pixelated, edited, mirrored (law enforcement only) Ability to import hash sets in these formats: Project Vic JSON/ODATA, NSRL RDS 2.x, HashKeeper, ILook, ... Create your own hash sets Computation of two hash values of different types at the same time Random analysis scope reduction using ID modulo filter and immediately available pseudo-hash values Convenient back & forward navigation from one directory to another, multiple steps, restoring sort criteria, filter (de)activation, selection Gallery view, showing thumbnails of pictures, videos, even documents and many other non-picture file types Calendar view, showing hotspots of activity, ideal to combine with the chronological event list File preview, seamlessly integrated viewer component for 270+ file types Ability to print the same file types directly from within the program with all metadata on a cover page Internal viewer for Windows Registry files (all Windows versions); automated and configurable powerful Registry report that also check value slack in registry hives Viewer for Windows event log files (.evt, .evtx), Windows shortcut (.lnk) files, Windows Prefetch files, $LogFile, $UsnJrnl, restore point change.log, Windows Task Scheduler (.job), $EFS LUS, INFO2, wtmp/utmp/btmp log-in records, MacOS X kcpassword, AOL-PFC, Outlook NK2 auto-complete, Outlook WAB address book, Internet Explorer travellog (a.k.a. RecoveryStore), Internet Explorer index.dat history and browser cache databases, SQLite databases such as Firefox history, Firefox downloads, Firefox form history, Firefox sign-ons, Chrome cookies, Chrome archived history, Chrome history, Chrome log-in data, Chrome web data, Safari cache, Safari feeds, Skype's main.db database with contacts and file transfers, ... Ability to collect Internet Explorer history and browser cache index.dat records that are floating around in free space or slack space in a virtual single file Extracts metadata and internal creation timestamps from various file types and allows to filter by that, e.g. MS Office, OpenOffice, StarOffice, HTML, MDI, PDF, RTF, WRI, AOL PFC, ASF, WMV, WMA, MOV, AVI, WAV, MP4, 3GP, M4V, M4A, JPEG, BMP, THM, TIFF, GIF, PNG, GZ, ZIP, PF, IE cookies, DMP memory dumps, hiberfil.sys, PNF, SHD & SPL printer spool, tracking.log, .mdb MS Access database, manifest.mbdx/.mbdb iPhone backup, ... Keeps track of which files were already viewed during the investigation Automatic cell background coloring based on user-defined conditions helps to draw your attention to items of interest without having to filter out all non-matching items. Include external files, e.g. translations or decrypted or converted versions of original files, and connect them to the files they belong with Ability to examine e-mail extracted from Outlook (PST, OST), Exchange EDB, Outlook Express (DBX), AOL PFC, Mozilla (including Thunderbird), generic mailbox (mbox, Unix), MSG, EML Can produce a powerful event list based on timestamps found in all supported file systems, in operating systems (including event logs, registry, recycle bin, ...), and file contents (e.g. e-mail headers, Exif timestamps, GPS timestamps, last printed timestamps; browser databases, Skype chats, calls, file transfers, account creation...). Event timestamps can be sorted chronologically to get a timeline of events. They are represented graphically in a calendar to easily see hotspots of activity or periods of inactivity or to quickly filter for certain time periods with 2 mouse clicks. Extremely extensive and precise file type verification based on signatures and specialized algorithms Allows you to define your own file header signatures, file types, type categories, file type ranks, and file type groups Directory tree on the left, ability to explore and tag directories including all their subdirectories Synchronizing the sectors view with the file list and directory tree MANY powerful dynamic filters based on true file type, hash set category, timestamps, file size, comments, report tables, contained search terms, ... Ability to identify and filter our duplicate files Ability to copy files off an image or a drive including their full path, including or excluding file slack, or file slack separately or only slack Automatic identification of encrypted MS Office and PDF documents Can extract almost any kind of embedded files (including pictures) from any other kind of files, thumbnails from JPEGs and thumbcaches, .lnk shortcuts from jump lists, various data from Windows.edb, browser caches, PLists, tables from SQLite databases, miscellaneous elements from OLE2 and PDF documents, ... Skin color detection (e.g. a gallery view sorted by skin color percentage greatly accelerates a search for traces of child pornography) Detection of black & white or gray-scale pictures, which could be scanned-in documents or digitally stored faxes Detection of PDF documents that should be OCR'ed Ability to extract still pictures from video files in user-defined intervals, using MPlayer or Forensic Framer, to drastically reduce the amount of data when having to check for inappropriate or illegal content Lists the contents of archives directly in the directory browser, even in a recursive view Logical search, in all or selected files/directories only, following fragmented cluster chains, in compressed files, metadata, optionally decoding text in PDF, HTML, EML, ..., optionally using GREP (regular expressions), user-defined "whole words" option, and much more Powerful search hit listings with context preview, e.g. like “all search hits for the search terms A, B, and D in .doc and .ppt files below \Documents and Settings with last access date in 2004 that do not contain search term C” Option to sort search hits by their data and context instead of just by the search terms to which they belong. Ability to filter search hits by the textual context around them using an additional keyword. Highly flexible indexing algorithm, supporting solid compound words and virtually any language Search and index in both Unicode and various code pages Logically combine search hits with an AND, fuzzy AND, NEAR, NOTNEAR, + and - operators Ability to export search hits as HTML, highlighted within their context, with file metadata Detection and removal of host-protected areas (HPA, ATA-protected areas), and DCO Ability to decompress entire hiberfil.sys files and individual xpress chunks X-Tensions API (programming interface) to add your own functionality or automate existing functionality with very high performance (for example the popular C4All as an X-Tension runs about 6 times faster than as an EnScripts), does not require you to learn a proprietary programming language No complicated database to set up and connect to, with the risk of never being able to open your case again like in competing software Interface for PhotoDNA (only for law enforcement), which can recognize known pictures (even if stored in a different format or altered) and can return the classification (“CP”, “relevant”, “irrelevant”) to X-Ways Forensics Download portable
  21. IPTVTools By MANZERA AYENA Allow you to : ♥️ Scan MAC portal IPTV with two mode (Simple/Advanced) ♥️ Check M3U playlist ♥️ Play MAC Portal On VLC with Player ♥️ Convert MAC to M3U ♥️ Génerate a random MAC and Scan with it Captures ! reply this message for download Download: rar pass: contact to me on pm
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  25. America, 1899. The end of the wild west era has begun as lawmen hunt down the last remaining outlaw gangs. Those who will not surrender or succumb are killed. After a robbery goes badly wrong in the western town of Blackwater, Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang are forced to flee. With federal agents and the best bounty hunters in the nation massing on their heels, the gang must rob, steal and fight their way across the rugged heartland of America in order to survive. As deepening internal divisions threaten to tear the gang apart, Arthur must make a choice between his own ideals and loyalty to the gang who raised him. Red Dead Online evolves with Frontier Pursuits featuring three new Specialist Roles, each with their own unique paths and activities to help you forge new directions and carve out a life for yourself on the frontier. Choose to become a Bounty Hunter and hunt down dangerous criminals, partner with Cripps in an entrepreneurial venture to turn their camp into a bustling business as a Trader, unearth treasures both valuable and arcane as a Collector, focusing on one role at a time or all three at once. With the gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2 as its foundation, Red Dead Online transforms the vast and deeply detailed landscapes, cities, towns and habitats of Red Dead Redemption 2 into a new, living online world ready to be shared by multiple players. Create and customize your character, tailor your abilities to suit your play style and head out into a new frontier full of things to experience. Title: Red Dead Redemption 2 Engine: RAGE Genre: Action-adventure Mode: Single-player, multiplayer Developer: Rockstar Studios Publisher: Rockstar Games System Requirements Minimum: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 7 – Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2500K / AMD FX-6300 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB / AMD Radeon R9 280 3GB Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 150 GB available space Sound Card: Direct X Compatible Recommended: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS: Windows 10 – April 2018 Update (v1803) Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-4770K / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Memory: 12 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB / AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 150 GB available space Sound Card: Direct X Compatible DOWNLOAD SCREENSHOTS
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